The Shambolic are on the run.

Lead singer Al of Manchester based rock band "The Shambolic" and bass player Lee Hargreaves are tonight in hiding after a daring daylight escape. It is believed that prison warden Darren Whitehead and guard Anthony Waterhouse are being held hostage by the crazed musicians. Police are tonight scouring Manchester and also Buxton where Hargreaves was last known to be living.

Witnesses to the execution said one of the guards seemed to be a bit shifty and was seen to be examining the electric chair before use. Oddly nobody noticed his unusual footwear. Prison authorities deny a lax approach to searching visitors and say they are known for their thorough exploration of all cavities and crevices but this does not explain how Hargreaves managed to smuggle in a gun.

MANCe News number one photographer Sophie was there today covering the execution and was thankful to escape with her life after Lee shot the camera from her hands. She did manage to captured the story as it unfolded until the near fatal shooting.  

Fears grow tonight for Warden D Whitehead ( left ) and for prison guard Anthony Waterhouse ( right )

Time Of Execution Blamed

The execution was unusually scheduled for 12.00pm after a failed appeal last March. The witnesses and press were in the viewing area as Al was led in to the room. He seemed quiet with an apparent simmering resentment as the wide eyed music maniac was strapped into the chair.

The warden read the sentence and asked Al if he had anything to say but the prisoner shook his head and grinned insanely. As the Warden started to instruct the guards to move and prepare the current Lee Hargreaves burst forward, pulling a concealed gun from behind his back. He grabbed the warden and thrust his weapon in his face.

At the same time Al wrenched free his right arm and swung himself round to grab guard Anthony Waterhouse as he turned to see Hargreaves grab the warden.

It is not officially confirmed but witnesses say they were sure that the guard in the switch room engaged the power to the chair as the prisoner grabbed guard Anthony Waterhouse. Other witnesses state that hero guard Anthony manged to hit the kill switch seconds after current flowed.

The band then forced warden and guard to help their escape after bassist Lee Hargreaves fired at the innocent photographer.

P.M. DAVID CAMERON was unavailable to comment as Police publicly deny events ever happened.

Questions Over Wardens Involvement!

Warden Whitehead is now under investigation into allegations of corruption

It was clearly seen by onlookers that the Warden checked all the restraints but somehow failed to spot Lee Hargreaves sabotage.

Police and other officials are looking into the possibility that both had previously known each other. An underworld super grass has told authorities the that previously good natured Whitehead has dark tendencies and has been seen at festivals listening to Gothic music in stark contrast to home loving husband and father of four he portrays. Wife Elaine said, “I can't believe what's happened, he will be upset missing big brother and nobody makes a cuppa like him.”

Where are they?

Authorities start to speculate the fate of 25 year old Anthony.

Known as a regular commuter between towns to see sweetheart Bee and go to work, Anthony had not been working as a guard long. He said to friends he had only taking the job to save up extra money to finance his under funded social life. His family have expressed their shock that he could have been involved in such a dramatic event and pray for his safe return. Divining experts, mediums and palm readers have all been called in to help search for hero Anthony.

Judge awards death sentence.

Al was given the death penalty after being found guilty in a lengthy public trial that has taken months. He was accused of 24 instances of profanity and multiple crimes against music including writing inflammatory, masochistic lyrics to dirty loud riffs. Four songs are available on itunes.Evil Gun” a song about a kid killing their dad, “Death of Me” and the haunting “Home Alone On Methadone” about drug overdose, were played in court. Jurors wept as it was revealed more music was due for release. It was confirmed that there are indeed links to purchase this terrifying music on their website at http://theshambolic.co.uk Al pleaded not guilty on grounds of taste and insanity. Presiding Judge Dread was not impressed as Al is also rumored to be a rabbit cult worship-per and a deviant, “Dirt bags like you need to be compost”he said as he passed sentence.



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