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"The Dead The Dying and The Damned"

by The Shambolic



Factory Fast Records Release Notes - Things get heavy when the blues (in this case The Shambolic) goes out for a smoke - in between LIVE sets - and comes back on stage breathing fire and grinding distorted axes through crackling tube amps. Somebody's sure to say they've heard it before but I promise The Shambolic won't be satisfied just haunting the DNA of Jello Biafra and Sabbath. What's unique here is that the band has found its own path, and is following it with so much heart.

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  Track List -

'Death of me'- 4:18

'JarHead' - 3:06

'Crawl' - 3:30

'Evil Gun' - 3:07

'Here2Rok' 3:55

'I Explode' 3:26

'I Like It' 4:02

'Smother' 4:52

'Home Alone with Methadone' - 3:35

'The Dead, The Dying and The Damned' - 11:07


ISXRADIO'S Mike Meaghan had exclusive full play and declared "The Dead, The Dying & The Damned is a MASTERPIECE"....

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