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Meet The Shambolic

Al and Lee are the orignal founding members of the band. While many drummers have come and gone, their belief, their determination and their love for the music has never diminished.

Lee Hargreaves

Lee - Bassist and backing vocalist. 

Comes from Buxton in Derbyshire. 
Played bass for about 7 years. 
First band was The Shambolic. 
Influences include Queens Of The Stoneage, Marilyn Manson, SOAD and Metallica.




Al - Guitarist and vocalist.

Lives just outside Manchester.
Played guitar for a long,long time.
First band was with a few friends in school. "Don't think we had a name as we only did like one jam session."
The main songwriter of the band.
Influences include Josh Homme, The Doors, Motorhead, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, The Beatles and many more.

The Dead, The Dying & The Damned

Paul LewisOn 12th July 2014 Al and Lee joined forces with session drummer Paul Lewis and stepped into The Stable Studios. The result was mindblowing, ear splitting hard rock that would certainly lead to a new form of madness. The debut album was being chipped from the granite that bonds the musicianship of The Shambolic.

In that session they recorded;

"Death Of Me", "Evil Gun", "Here2Rok", "Home Alone With Methadone".

Additional backing vocals along with Al & Lee were studio engineers Chris Mather and Nick Bolan. Chris also added some extra flavour to the guitars.


Andreas Andrews

Saturday 4th October 2014 the boys returned to the studio with a former drummer Andreas Andrews to record two versions of a single track called "I Like It". Both versions had the same main body but with different endings, one longer than the other. The longer version is the one on the album.

During the remixing session Al had wind effects added to "Home Alone With Methadone" which has become known as the ghost remix because of its erie sound. This is the version used on the album.



Saturday 17th January 2015 and Paul Lewis is back on the drumkit ready to record the next two tracks, "Jarhead" and "I Explode".


Chris O'Rourke

Monday 13th July 2015, almost a year to the day later, the final recording session begins with another former band member and drummer Chris O'Rourke. Together they record the epic 11 minute title track and wartime tribute "The Dead, The Dying & The Damned".

"Crawl" is the penultimate track and Lee takes to the microphone for his debut lead vocal on "Smother".



And so it is finally finished. A years worth of work born of love, sweat, frustration and sometimes anger. You can hear all this in every song, every note and every wail. The final touch was the album cover drawn for us by Mike & Amanda Dowdall from Inkin Oldham

"The Dead, The Dying & The Damned" by The Shambolic is now released on Cd by Factory Fast Records, New York. USA and is also available as digital download from all suppliers from October 1st 2015.