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Feb 3rd 2015

by Steven Broadbent
Manchester based band The Shambolic have been together now for six years. The classic rock band has played fifty gigs around the United Kingdom.

Their official website states, "With growling vocals, The Shambolic is a fusion of punk, heavy metal and rock. A set louder than a thunder storm."

Currently they are recording their debut album The Dead, The Dying and The Damned, which includes songs such as Jarhead and I Like It.

Speaking exclusively to Media Pick, they said, "Lee works as a self-employed joiner, with a love of movies and music. Al is a bricklayer who enjoys reading music biographies, watching films and football."

When asked on their inspirations, Lee said, "Dave Grohl as he's probably the greatest all round music of his time." So why are the band called The Shambolic? Al told us, "We were auditioning different musicians and the owner of the venue said we made a shambolic orchestra."

They also have a rather large history of performing at venues, "We have been to Manchester Academy, Sheffield Broadwalk, NEC Birmingham and Moho Manchester." Meanwhile Lee told us something we didn't know, "I was nearly a policeman and was a cadet for a certain amount of time."

With the new year just started, Al is keen to press the band forwards, "We will record the remaining tracks for our debut album release. We are planning a limited national tour with a few international dates and March will see us record our first feature music video for song Here2Rok."

The Shambolic also hope for a big future in music, "We would like to earn a modest living doing the best job in the world. It would also be nice to have our songs covered by other established credible artists."

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So look out for Shambolic's new album, due out in February 2015. Al added, "Support is so important and helps reinforce our belief in what we do. That's why we love hearing what listeners have to say about our music."

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