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26th August 2017

The Shambolic Officially Confirm Split

After nearly two years of silence Al finally admits that The Shambolic are finished. After the release of the debut album in August 2015 and just one appearance at Jacksons Pit in Oldham, the band seemingly vanished. "Recording the album took a lot out of us" said Al, " but the writing was on the wall when the drummer quit again."

Chris announced his departure just before Christmas 2015 but the band kept it secret while they decided if they wanted to continue. "Lee and I did a few press interviews while we decided what to do" explains Al, "but we did not have the heart to search for yet another drummer" 

"We want to thank everyone who supported us. Peace and love to you all."

Everyone knows that the band have split serveral times due to drummer issues but they always returned stronger. Is this really the end or just another chapter in the annals of Rock N Roll?


1st December 2015

Another fantastic compilation from Factory Fast Records includes The Shambolic.

The third CD release from FFR to feature music from The Shambolic is 'Propaganda Machine' and is released today. Another great hard rock album features 'I Like It' by The Shambolic as well as tracks from six other awesome bands. "We are pleased that the label like our music so much to include us on this release" said Lee, " It makes us feel so humble."

This album as well as our ten track debut album and 'Hells Decibel' can be found on our Music page along with details on where to find them.


6 th October 2015

Factory Fast Records release compilation 'Hells Decibel' featuring a track from The Shambolic.

'Death Of Me' is one of the tracks chosen for this epic release from FFR and the Cd goes on sale today. This hard rock compilation features six other great bands.


1st October 2015

'The Dead The Dying and The Damned' by The Shambolic is released today!

The album officially goes on sale today. It is available from Factory Fast Records on CD from Amazon as well as on digital download from all the top sites.

The long awaited debut album took a year to make and features ten original tracks including crowd favourites 'Death Of Me' and 'I Like It'.

'The Dead The Dying and The Damned' can be found on the music page with links to buy it.


16th August 2015

The Shambolic sign CD album release deal with USA label Factory Fast Records.

The long awaited debut album "The Dead, The Dying & The Damned" will be released on 8th October 2015.


The Dead The Dying and The Damned

The album features 10 tracks on the Factory Fast Record Label available on Amazon as well as a digital download version available from all the usual places. The label also has another compilation release called "Hells Decibel" due out on October 4th that includes a track from The Shambolic.

The artwork for the album was supplied by Inkin Oldham.

The title track "The Dead, The Dying & The Damned" is a tribute to all fallen soldiers of all nations involved in every conflict since WW1. To honour their scarifice a special remix of this track is intended for release in November from which all sales will be donated to Help For Heroes.

Return Of The Shambolic.

Jackson's Pit rocked on Friday 14th August as The Shambolic cranked up the volume for the first gig with the new material. They opened with their classic "Death Of Me" and ripped straight in to "I Like It" amongst the applause. Lee then sang his first ever lead vocal with "Jarhead" and Al can back to the mike ripping into "Evil Gun".


Jacksons Pit in Oldham

The first of the unheard tracks were then premiered as Lee dragged the room in utter rapture as he blew every one away with his next vocal attack on "Smother" with Chris stamping his authority on the beats and Al adding atomosheric eratic lead guitar. The lads closed their performance with the show stopping 11 minute epic "The Dead, The Dying & The Damned". The band were tight and Chris held the tension with his awesome explosion of beats, tight stops and rolls. The dynamite set saw the audience rocking and applauding with delight as the last song reached climax.



10th July 2015

Chris O'Rorke is back to record the next three tracks including the epic title track "The Dead, The Dying and The Damned". Fans will remember Chris being the last drummer to play with the band before they came off the road to write the new album.


Chris at Bakers Vault

Chris featured above at "Bakers Vault" with the band said he's looking forward to playing the new tracks with Al and Lee.

The lads are back in the studio on 13th July to record Lee's first lead vocal track called "Smother" along with "Crawl" and the album title track "The Dead, The Dying & The Damned".

The first gig is announced for 14th August 2015 at Jackson Pit, Off Barn Street, Ol1 1LP Oldham, United Kingdom. The lads are excited to be back on stage to perform the new material.



7th April 2015

OFFICIAL :"OPERATION JARHEAD" is the first cartoon mini movie released by The Shambolic.

The inspiration for this came from the bands song "Jarhead", which we all know is actually a protest song. During the recording of the song Al and Lee joked about who they would cast in a music video. They laughed like kids while they worked through a celebrity list of charactors although they knew it would never be possible.

Al said that's when the idea started to grow and he started to draw. At first he kept his activities secret until he was sure he could make it. He did and with his warped sense of humour he created "Operation Jarhead".

The plot is simple. Our hero is called upon to save the world. He visits The Shambolic for some audio drug therapy "Stereo-oids" and grows to 47ft. He sets of to stomp on the world leaders who would rather spend money on arms than feed the starving.


Watch The Video On Youtube


Interview with Steven Broadbent at

Speaking exclusively to Media Pick, they said, "Lee works as a self-employed joiner, with a love of movies and music. Al is a bricklayer who enjoys reading music biographies, watching films and football."

When asked on their inspirations, Lee said, "Dave Grohl as he's probably the greatest all round musician of his time."

They also have a rather large history of performing at venues, "We have been to Manchester Academy, Sheffield Broadwalk, NEC Birmingham and Moho Manchester." Meanwhile Lee told us something we didn't know... TO FIND OUT WHAT THAT WAS AND READ THE FULL INTERVIEW CLICK HERE ----->MEDIAPICK.CO.UK Interview with THE SHAMBOLIC





25th January 2015

JARHEAD. Released And Unleashed!

Paul braved the snow and made it back to The Stable Studios to record two new songs. "Jarhead" by The Shambolic is the first of the two songs to be released and is now available on the music page. The other song "I Exlode" will be released next month and features Chris Mather on lead guitar.

Paul n Lee

The band bring back the granite to rock! Tim Whale Review.

In a recent review of The Shambolic and their free download "I Like It", Tim said, "Growling out of the speakers The Shambolic stomp into the room with a deep rumble which seems to emanate from the floor whilst rattling through the bones as the band bring back the granite to rock."

"This is music best served with bass on full and volume high with your head buried between the speakers to charge up the body and obliterate the cobwebs."

To read the FULL interview click here.... Tim Whale Review at

Missed Your Free Download?

If you didn't get your free download of "I Like It" by The Shambolic then don't worry you can still get a copy by clicking here... FREE DOWNLOAD "I LIKE IT" BY THE SHAMBOLIC.

7th December 2014

The new song is finally released as a free download


The legendary drummer Andreas Dre Andrews returned to record "I Like It" at The Stable Studio in Manchester on 4th October 2014. After a call from Al the night before, the sleep deprived Andreas turned up with his sticks. Three days of rock n roll indulgence and just a few hours sleep couldn't deminish the fury or energy he put in to the recording.

Because we think you are fantastic and we love the support you give us. We want to give you our latest recording as a free download as a thank you and if you like us please join our mailing list below. We have seen "Death Of Me " dominate the UK hard rock chart on NUMBERONEMUSIC.COM and the absolute high of NUMBER 1hard rock track in ALL COUNTRIES.

We had intended for "I Like It" to be the soundtrack of a music video but errors in production and poor quality brought Al to the decision to refuse to release it. As the inspiration for the song was Al's contribution it was agreed to shelve it, at least for the time being.

In an official statement Al commented on the bands decision. "The song is everthing about us. Rock n riots embrace in the sounds of our music. Anger sedated by fury. We are stripped and exposed. What's there is simple. I felt the video didn't express this enough for this song. The line between rock n porn got misrepresented! Basically I DIDN'T Like It".

Ironically the cover for the song "I Like It" is taken from a still from the video.

We did however get VIDEO OF THE RECORDING of "I Like It" taken during the songs recording process atThe Stable Studios .

Andreas Dre Andrews is playing on drums and you can see video of him soundchecking before recording. In a random twist Dre is eating an apple and Al thought it a mad coincidence as the song is based on the theme of original sin.

Lee is adding his raw, seductive and destructive vibe on bass. In some footage of an over dub he's laughing at missing a cue. Whilst there is no footage of Al recording the rhytm guitar, he can be seen recording his vocal. Some of the events are synced to the final mix and others are added for fun. A rare opportunity to see the band record a new song.

29th November 2014

Al and Lee are at The Stable Studios remixing the new song with Chris Mathers lead guitar. "Home Alone With Methadone" is also remixed with some ambient wind sounds as well as some level changes and reissued as "Home Alone With Methadone ( Ghost Remix )".

11th October 2014

Final recording of the vocals at The Stable Studios and some extra film footage for the music video. The Shambolic have recorded two versions of the soundtrack, one longer than the other. They recorded the music in a live session recording to make it feel more organic and tighter. The first shorter version is for the video soundtrack running time of 3.35. With experience playing together Andreas wanted to use the longer version to build his drum track and it runs at 4.03.

5th October 2014

Recording for the video soundtrack begins today at The Stable Studios and former drummer Andreas Dre Andrews has returned to add the beats.


The video will also include footage shot as the band recorded the soundtrack. The song and video title have not been disclosed yet.

28th September 2014

Filming for the first music video by The Shambolic began today. Filmed in Hyde and a secret location in Glossop. Opening street scenes were filmed showing a mysterious youth visiting a house and lee letting him in. The content filmed in Glossop is a closely garded secret.

21st August 2014

The band are off on location this weekend to do a photoshoot. The theme is around Lees favourite subject "Execution". SO it's no surprise or great leap in the imagination for resident bad boy Lee to break in to a maimum security jail and rescue the prisoner, not for real of course. If all goes well and he makes it we should see some new photos soon.

1st August 2014

The singles are now available on Google Play Store and finally on itunes.

The tracks released are taken from the forth coming album

"The Dead, The Dying and The Damned"

Death Of Me

Home Alone With Methadone

Evil Gun


All the songs feature Paul Lewis on drums.

July 25 2014

OFFICIAL : The New Album by The Shambolic "The Dead, The Dying and The Damned" is on its way. Singles Release on 27th.

17 July 2014

First public airing of the new songs on the DJ Readman show on MWR. Paul was given exclusive preview and played all four on his show.

12 July 2014

Al and Lee meet Paul Lewis for the first time at The Stable Studios in Greater Manchester to begin recording.

The Shambolic Officially Confirm Split

After nearly two years of silence Al finally admits that The Shambolic are finished. After the release of the debut album in August 2015 and just one appearance at Jacksons Pit in Oldham, the band seemingly vanished.

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